Payment Plans and Options



Claims Tips

What to do in the event of a loss:
  • Notify your insurance company or agent promptly regarding your loss. Many insurance carriers provide telephone numbers for you to report a claim 7 days-a-week, 24 hours-a-day. Having this information on hand will enable you to start the claim process immediately after a loss happens. Check with your local independent agent for information on how to report a claim to your insurance company.
  • Make a detailed list and description of damage, including photographs if possible. Collect your canceled checks, receipts and other documents to help the adjuster set a value on damaged or destroyed property.
  • Refer to your Homeowner Inventory Worksheet. The items listed will help you to substantiate your claim and speed up the process.
  • Remember to get more than one estimate for construction or repair work. Ask friends and relatives to recommend local contractors with reputable business histories.


Your duties as an Insured:
  • Review your coverage with your local independent agent. Your policy may reimburse you for removal of debris and/or additional living expenses as well as include specialized endorsements which may broaden your coverage.
  • Don't make permanent repairs before an insurance adjuster inspects your home. Make only temporary repairs to protect your home from looting or further damage.
  • Be present, and take notes, during the insurance adjuster's inspection. If possible, you might want your own contractor/builder on hand during the inspection as well.
  • Keep good notes on all contacts with your insurance company and adjuster. If you have a disagreement with your adjuster, well-documented information may help you to support your claim.